Applying the Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management to evaluate quality of care alongside the merger of mental health care institutes in Amsterdam: a five year pre–post study

Nabitz, U.W., Klazinga, N., Muller, J., Schramade, M., Lans, M. & Osseman, D.
Verschenen in International Journal of Quality in Health Care, 3 (2) (2023)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for individuals at risk for psychosis or with a first psychotic episode: A qualitative study on patients’ perspectives

Bouws, J., Henrard, A., De Koning, M.B., Schirmbeck, F., van Ghesel Grothe, S., van Aubel, E., Reininghaus, U., De Haan, L. & Myin-Germeys, I.
Verschenen in Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 1-10 (2023)

Valenced dual tasking in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder

IJdema, T., Laceulle, O.M., Thomaes, K. & Korrelboom, K.
Verschenen in Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (2023)

Personal recovery suits us all: A study in patients with non-affective psychosis, unaffected siblings and healthy controls

Van Eck, R., van Velden, J., Vellinga, A., van der Krieke, L., Castelein, S., van Amelsvoort, T., Bruggeman, R., Cahn, W., Simons, C.J.P., van Os, J., De Haan, L. & Schirmbeck, F.
Verschenen in Schizophrenia Research, 255, 24-32 (2023)

Alcohol use as a predictor of the course of major depressive disorder: a prospective population-based study

Schouten, M.J.E., ten Have, M., Tuithof, M., de Graaf, R., Dekker, J.J.M., Goudriaan, A.E. & Blankers, M.
Verschenen in Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 32 (e14), 1-8 (2023)

The influence of parents and peers on adolescents’ problematic social media use revealed

Leijse, M.M.L., Koning, I.M. & van den Eijnden, R.J.J.M.
Verschenen in Computers in Human Behavior, 143 (2023)

Aggressive Incidents by Incarcerated People With Psychiatric Illness and Their Relationship With Psychiatric Symptoms

Van Beek, J., Meijers, J., Scherder, E.J.A. & Harte, J.M.
Verschenen in Journal of Forensic Nursing (2023)
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