Treatment results for severe psychiatric illness: which method is best suited to denote the outcome of mental health care?

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Two sides of the same coin: Monetary incentives concurrently improve and bias confidence judgments

Lebreton, M., Langdon, S., Slieker, M.J., Nooitgedacht, J.S., Goudriaan, A.E., Denys, D., Van Holst, R.J. & Luigjes, J.
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Which patients benefit specifically from short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy (STPP) for depression? Study protocol of a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data

Driessen, E., Abbass, A.A., Barber, J.P., Gibbons, M.B.C., Dekker, J.J.M., Fokkema, M., Fonagy, P., Hollon, S.D., Jansma, E.P., de Maat, S.C.M., Town, J.M., Twisk, J.W.R., Van, H., Weitz, E. & Cuijpers, P.
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Symptom-Specific Effects of Psychotherapy versus Combined Therapy in the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Depression: A Network Approach

Bekhuis, E., Schoevers, R., de Boer, M., Peen, J., Dekker, J.J.M., Van, H. & Boschloo, L.
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Reprint of The effect of N-acetylcysteine and working memory training on cocaine use, craving and inhibition in regular cocaine users: correspondence of lab assessments and Ecological Momentary Assessment.

Schulte, M.H.J., Wiers, R.W., Boendermaker, W.J., Goudriaan, A.E., van den Brink, W., van Deursen, D.S., Friese, M. & Waters, A.J.
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Patient experience as measured with the brief CQI: an evaluation

Linszen, D.F.E. & De Beurs, E.
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Patterns of obsessive-compulsive symptoms and social functioning in schizophrenia; a replication study

Swets, M., van Dijk, F.A., Schirmbeck, F., Peen, J., De Haan, L., Alizadeh, B.Z. & van Winkel, R.
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Prevalence and predictors of violent victimization in remitted patients with recurrent depression

Christ, C., De Jonge, M., Bockting, C.L.H., Kikkert, M.J., van Schaik, D.J.F., Beekman, A.T.F. & Dekker, J.J.M.
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Prognostic significance of social network, social support and loneliness for course of major depressive disorder in adulthood and old age

van den Brink, R.H.S., Schutter, N., Hansen, D.J.C., Elzinga, B.M., Rabeling-Keus, I.M., Stek, M.L., Comijs, H.C., Penninx, B.J.W.H. & Oude Voshaar, R.C.
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Correction: The use and helpfulness of self-management strategies for depression: The experiences of patients

Van Grieken, R.A., van Tricht, M.J., Koeter, M.W.J., van den Brink, W. & Schene, A.H.
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The use and helpfulness of self-management strategies for depression: The experiences of patients

Van Grieken, R.A., van Tricht, M.J., Koeter, M.W.J., van den Brink, W. & Schene, A.H.
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Dopamine in high-risk populations: A comparison of subjects with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and subjects at ultra high-risk for psychosis

Vingerhoets, C., Bloemen, O.J.N., Boot, E., Bakker, G., De Koning, M.B., da Silva Alves, F., Booij, J. & van Amelsvoort, T.A.M.J.
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A high working memory load prior to memory retrieval reduces craving in non-treatment seeking problem drinkers

Kaag, A.M., Goudriaan, A.E., de Vries, T.J., Pattij, T. & Wiers, R.W.
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Boekbespreking: “Snel succes met ROM”

Oudejans, S. & Spits, M.
Verschenen in Snel succes met ROM Een leidraad voor professionals in de GGZ, 1, 1-133 (2018)

Zelfmanagement bij en behandeling van depressie; het patiëntenperspectief

Van Grieken, R.A. & Schene, A.
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Matched care for complex PTSD: what works for whom?

Dorrepaal, E., Thomaes, K., Veltman, D.J., van Balkom, A.J.L.M. & Draijer, N.
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Diagnosing ADHD during active substance use: Feasible or flawed?

Van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen, K., Vedel, E., Kramer, F.J., Koeter, M.W., Schoevers, R.A. & Van den Brink, W.
Verschenen in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 180, 371-375 (2017)
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