Overview of European forensic youth care: towards an integrative mission for prevention and intervention strategies for juvenile offenders

Souverein, F., Dekkers, T., Bulanovaite, E., Doreleijers, T.A.H., Hales, H., Kaltiala-Heino, R., Oddo, A., Popma, A., Raschle, N., Schmeck, K., Zanoli, M. & Van der Pol, T.M.
Verschenen in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 13 (2019)

Common elements of evidence-based systemic treatments for adolescents with disruptive behaviour problems

Van der Pol, T.M., van Domburg, L., van Widenfelt, B.M., Hurlburt, M.S., Garland, A.F. & Vermeiren, R.R.J.M.
Verschenen in The Lancet Psychiatry, 6 (10), 862-868 (2019)

Research Review: The effectiveness of multidimensional family therapy in treating adolescents with multiple behavior problems – a meta-analysis

Van der Pol, T.M., Hoeve, M., Noom, M.J., Stams, G.J.M., Doreleijers, T.A.H., van Domburgh, L. & Vermeiren, R.R.J.M.
Verschenen in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 58 (5), 532-545 (2017)

Multidimensional Family Therapy Reduces Self-Reported Criminality Among Adolescents With a Cannabis Use Disorder

Van der Pol, T.M., Henderson, C.E., Hendriks, V., Schaub, M.P. & Rigter, H.
Verschenen in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 62 (6) (2017)
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