Norms and T-scores for screeners of alcohol use, depression and anxiety in the population of Suriname

De Beurs, E., Jadnanansing, R., Etwaroo, K., Blankers, M., Bipat, R., Peen, J. & Dekker, J.J.M.
Verschenen in Frontiers in Psychiatry, 14 (2023)

Mapping Conscience: Network Analysis Into the Differences in Maturation of Offending and Non-Offending Adolescents

de Brauw, M., Popma, A., Peen, J., Peters, C. & Schalkwijk, F.
Verschenen in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology (2022)

Which patients benefit from adding short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy to antidepressants in the treatment of depression? A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data

Driessen, E., Fokkema, M., Dekker, J.J.M., Peen, J., Van, H., Maina, G., Rosso, G., Rigardetto, S., Cuijpers, P. & et. al.
Verschenen in Psychological Medicine, 53 (13), 6090-6101 (2022)

Loneliness, social network size and mortality in older adults: a meta-analysis

Schutter, N., Holwerda, T.J., Comijs, H.C., Stek, M.L., Peen, J. & Dekker, J.J.M.
Verschenen in European Journal of Ageing, 19 (4), 1057-1076 (2022)

A survey of depression and anxiety disorders in urban and rural Suriname

Jadnanansing, R., De Beurs, E., Etwaroo, K., Blankers, M., Dwarkasing, R., Peen, J., Lumsden, V., Bipat, R. & Dekker, J.J.M.
Verschenen in BMC Public Health, 22 (2022)

Exploring differences in quality of life in clinical populations of depressed outpatients with and without personality disorders

Kool, M., Lemmens, L.H.J., Hartog, P., Van, H., Blankers, M., Peen, J., van Bronswijk, S.C. & Dekker, J.J.M.
Verschenen in Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 282, 1, 1125-1131 (2021)
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